Put The Phone Down

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Today I will talk about something weighing heavy on me for a while now.

Put the damn phone down. Seriously though, people. We have to stop the madness.

Here’s the truth we are creatures of habit and comfort, and there has never been anything designed and our smartphones to tap into our weaknesses as human beings.

Sometimes I think we forget about life before phones.

Put the phone down! It’s time to have conversations with people. We need to connect with others and focus on spending time with the people that mean the most in our lives.

All this phone does is put you at a more significant disadvantage in life. You’ll find yourself scrolling and checking and scrolling and checking, but before you know it, time starts flying by, and you get less constructive work done in your life. It’s regrettable to think. Phones have come to be an accepted drug that has been thrown into our lives. It’s the most addicting thing ever created. We’ve been set up to fail.

Think about it for a minute after you read this, and if you can set boundaries, I promise you that you’ll be happier.

I have started to put my phone in do not disturb mode at night. We don’t take it with us when we eat. These are just a couple of minor changes that have made a big difference for me which I feel could help you.