Professional Experience

Alex Wells is a seasoned business leader and the CEO & Co-Founder of Imprint Digital, located atForge Campus in Loveland, CO, with an impressive track record spanning over 13 years. His extensive expertise encompasses various critical areas, including digital marketing, sales, account management, strategic planning, employee management and development, training, communication, operations, and customer service.

Alex embarked on his professional journey in 2010 when he joined Press-One Customer Care, marking the inception of his career. During this period, he nurtured relationships with numerous publications across the United States, assisting them in implementing and optimizing their marketing, advertising, sales, and customer service strategies at significantly reduced costs compared to in-house solutions. His efforts were particularly impactful during a challenging economic climate following the 2007 recession and the advent of the iPhone, when many print publications grappled with budget constraints and the shift toward digital platforms.

In 2015, recognizing the burgeoning potential of digital marketing, Alex decided to focus exclusively on this dynamic field and assumed a pivotal role at a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Commencing as a direct collaborator with hundreds of businesses, he played a pivotal role in helping them formulate and expand their digital marketing strategies, enabling orchestrated a team of 45 digital marketing experts, guiding them in the development and execution of successful marketing strategies. Under his leadership, the company experienced remarkable growth, expanding its workforce from under 200 employees to a robust team that oversaw them to achieve their growth milestones. Demonstrating exceptional competence and leadership, Alex swiftly ascended to the position of Director of Marketing. In this capacity, he 600. Alex is also a co-founder of Grit Investments, a capital investment firm based in Northern Colorado.

Alex’s primary focus remains on his personal life. He places family and faith at the forefront of his priorities. Alex is happily married to his accomplished wife, Alyssa, and they are proud parents to a charming three-year-old girl named August and a one-year-old son named Austin. Above all else, Alex and his family hold relationships and the desire to help others in the highest regard.

Personal Life

Enough about his current professional life; let’s talk about his life outside of work.

He’s currently the husband of an amazing wife, father of a beautiful daughter, and warrior son. They have married a little over four years ago.

He didn’t know if all of these things would ever happen or if he would ever get here. The fact that it has happened has been an absolute blessing.

He would like to connect with you all because there’s a good chance you have felt that feeling, too.

We are all looking for light. We often feel like imposters, unsure of ourselves and who we are.

He wants to talk about how he got here. He wants to talk about how he has worked through these feelings and then fuel you all with a feeling that you can do it, too. He will educate you on things you can do to get where you want to go.

His wheelhouse is in Marketing, Management, Business, Finance, Real Estate, Training and Development, Fitness, Nutrition, and more.

He’s excited to help you all and looks forward to doing everything he can to help you feel like you are achieving your goals. Anything is possible. He believes in you. You got this!