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Crypto 2022: The Ascension of Security Tokens and Polymesh

The “next big thing” is always of interest, especially when it comes to crypto. What will entice investors next? What will alter the blockchain world? What significant trends are on the horizon?

Identifying key trends before they explode helps investors take advantage of their potential and be among the first to enjoy the next big thing in crypto. That’s one of the reasons that everyone who identified security tokens as a 2022 top trend is now celebrating.

Security tokens make it easy for investors to purchase a portion of a real-world asset, such as commercial real estate. They are regulated, transparent, liquid, accessible, and open to all. When you purchase a security token, you receive fractionalized ownership in a company or asset.

You may have heard of a security token offering or STO—akin to an initial coin offering (ICO). The significant difference between the two is that STOs are regulated—providing stability and peace of mind for more and more investors across the globe.

Why security tokens are such a big deal

While the market hit some early bumps in the road, the crypto world is now on a path of uncharted growth and success. Crypto is recognized and adopted globally by governments and institutions alike—leading to more investment, more capital, and more interest.

Security tokens, then, make the entire process easier. Investors appreciate the security and regulation that comes with security tokens and the liquidity and affordability. They offer the ease of crypto with the security of a more traditional investment.

And that’s where Polymath comes in.

Polymath is poised for success.

The world’s first purpose-built blockchain designed for capital markets, Polymath’s security token platform is called Polymesh, which recently adopted new standards for security tokens that center around governance, compliance, and automatic transfer control.

Since the current public blockchains weren’t cutting it when it came to critical regulations and compliance issues, Polymath built its own blockchain. Polymesh is known for its ease of use, following governance regulations, and offering extensive global reach. It is deployed by the Polymesh Association, a nonprofit based in

Switzerland is dedicated to promoting the development and adoption of the Polymesh protocol and ecosystem.

Polymath recently launched the Polymesh mainnet and the Polymesh Block Explorer to search, analyze and visualize various types of blockchain information. It also created a $25 million grant program for developers to create security token projects to further industry.

It continues to make headlines across the world—and for almost all of the right reasons.

While the company has clearly made significant strides, there is still some work to be done and Polymath is committed to doing it—upgrades are expected to include smart contracts, new financial products, enhanced functionality, and integration of tokens for non-fungible assets.

As more traditional and digital companies influence blockchain, they continue to create value and open up new opportunities.

With innovation and industry leadership, Polymath is driving the message of transparency, liquidity, security, and global possibilities, thanks to the explosion of security tokens.